Instagram LAB

"I loved that Jessica and Mollie approached this class with a thorough examination of what my brand stands for and the audience it will serve. It’s so easy to get off track worrying about algorithms, hashtags or number of followers – and this class was such a great reminder of what it is all about. My favorite takeaway was to focus on collaboration and community, and I am excited to put that into practice with some of the amazing business owners I met in the class!"



"After taking the Instagram LAB for Business I almost tripled my followers in 4 months. The thoughtful instruction made me think of my company's branding, message and esthetic in a new way. I left with a strategy that has been priceless. This LAB surpassed my expectations. Thank you for offering your expertise to our community."



"LOVED IT! It was a great lab to understand the fundamentals of Instagram, as well as the secrets to a better Instagram presence. As a 50yr old with a former career in marketing and brand development, it was a great way to further my understanding of the NEW ways of marketing in this digital age. When I started my business almost 10 years ago, only Facebook existed...but no instagram. And FB was not for businesses. SO MUCH has changed!! So this Lab was the perfect means for me to better understand how to use social media to increase awareness of my business and my non-profit. THANK YOU, LAB MPLS!!! (and thank you for loaning me the extra $3 so I could park in the Harmon lot!!) :-)"



"I had a wonderful time at the Instagram Strategy workshop. It's really fun to be in a room full of smart, talented and driven people who are all there to share common goals - enhancing skillsets and following their passions. Lab creates a safe environment for people to ask questions, try something new and put your dreams into tangible action - all in a super cute workspace. I'll definitely be going back for more!"



"I am so pumped about discovering LAB for Business! In just a few short hours, I gained so much practical and applicable knowledge through the Instagram 1.0 workshop. I can't wait to put all of this juicy information into action. Oh, and this, too: Mollie and Jessica are cool, approachable and savvy instructors who share their knowledge through their industry-proven expertise. I'm ready to dig into Instagram 2.0. It can't start soon enough!"

- JANE N. 


"LOVED it. So helpful, especially as I’m just starting my little side-gig. I loved that it was more than just strategizing for Instagram, but for overall branding as well. The workbook was super helpful and I’ve referenced it a ton as I’m moving forward with planning for my branding and overall business strategy. I especially liked the exercise of describing your ideal customer to help figure out my target audience, and the descriptive keywords exercise to help figure out the look & feel I’m going for with my branding."

- ANNE G. 



"SEO LAB with Hipreneur was amazing for beginners learning the SEO space. Elliot was engaging and broke down SEO into manageable parts and actionable steps. This was my first lab and I will definitely be coming back!!!"



"SEO LAB was the first workshop I've ever attended at LAB for Business. I left the workshop with a can-do attitude and the feeling that it was the best 95 bucks I've ever spent. Elliott was a superb teacher/facilitator. He brought much wisdom, many relevant analogies, measurable value and a great sense of humor to his teaching. I cannot wait to put what I've learned into action and I am so excited about discovering this Twin Cities gem that LAB for Business is–I immediately signed up for the upcoming Instagram LAB when I got home from SEO."



"I didn’t go to business school (hello, music major). So far, I’ve relied on intuition and trial and error in all endeavors. I’m not necessarily proud of that so I am making a concerted effort to educate myself in 2018 and @lab_business is making it not only painless, but really captivating and actually fun! I recently took the SEO LAB with @hipreneur and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Honestly I’m tempted to go back and do it over again to listen differently and ask better questions."

- ERIN D. 


"LOVED it!! Eliot was great and I will be in touch with him for some additional pointers as I navigate everything he taught us. He was very helpful!! I would take it again, actually. Thank you!!"



"The SEO lab with Elliot was fantastic! In just 2.5 hours I came away with some amazing resources that I know will help me in being more strategic with my website and my content creation. Elliot teaches SEO in a way that makes an overwhelming topic attainable and even a little bit exciting! Definitely a great investment for my business!"



"Elliot was great--fun and knowledgeable. I have definite action points after the LAB with concrete steps to improve our SEO. Thanks!"



Legal LAB

"This was my first and absolute favorite LAB of the 3 I’ve attended – so much great information and easily digestible as I normally cringe at anything law related! Wynne covered a number of topics succinctly and provided the necessary detail and answers to questions that she’s seen come up with many of her clients.  I’ve already referred back to my notes/handouts several times. She also is extremely generous with her time – providing detailed follow-ups to questions that she couldn’t answer on the spot! I’m working with her on a few projects moving forward – was very impressed!"



"What a great and beneficial workshop! As a new business owner, there is a lot that is completely over my head so this workshop seemed like the perfect Lab to attend. Not knowing a single thing about business law, the lab sounded intimidating at first but it was far from that. It was such a laid back and safe space to ask questions and gather important information that will better myself as an owner and my clients. Thank you so much for helping my business grow. Can't wait to attend my next workshop!"



"I have nothing but good things to say about LAB For Business. This was my first business course with LAB. I have attended a weaving course before. This was so great to get an inside scope and have someone local that we could ask questions. The group was very casual and it was very easy going to just pick Wynne's brain and get advice based on our business and what we needed. I will definitely be contacting her to help me personally and get more advice. Thanks again for this great workshop! Can't wait to attend the next ones!"



Media LAB

"Thoroughly enjoyed my time learning from Ali Kaplan. Media can be intimidating, but she broke it down in an engaging and approachable way. I would recommend this LAB!"



"What an amazing night! Allison Kaplan's friendly personality and practical approach quickly dissolved any worries I had in reaching out to media. The thorough curriculum, impromptu interviews, and her willingness to answer specific questions made me feel prepared to present and talk about my business. In addition, it was so inspiring to meet and connect with so many amazing local business owners. Looking forward to more LAB events in the future!"



"The Media LAB was incredibly inspiring, thought-provoking, and in depth. Ali Kaplan is a phenomenal communicator and made everyone feel at ease. This class is a must for any Entrepreneur."



"I found the Ali Kaplan event both energizing and insightful. Ali had a lot of good info and was very generous with her time afterwords as well. Not only was she nice enough to do a follow up critique of my first effort at a press release, the advice she gave me was spot on. Within two weeks of the class I managed to get myself booked onto a local television show.


”So worth the time and money! I got more accomplished in two weeks since attending than I had in the previous year trying to go it alone. Thanks again to LAB and Ali!"



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