Satya. Work Your Best Life


Satya. Work Your Best Life 4/11/19 rescheduled for 5/23/19

Featuring Erin Newkirk

Work/Life integration has never been more fulfilling. You just need the right tools to activate your best life. It starts with a thoughtfully articulated vision, and is accompanied by meaningful prompts, putting technology to work for you. You can find conscious alignment, finding where your professional, personal and spiritual lives all intersect.

You strive to do work that fills your heart and your savings.
You want to contribute to those around you, in big and small ways.
You drive to take charge of your days, not have your days take charge of you.
You desire to do good with good people. 
You are intentional about your time spent in and out of the office.
You are ready to Work your Best Life.

See? You can have it all! You just need the right tools and mindset to make it happen. So, let's kick off the day with Erin Newkirk, an inspiring, award-winning innovator with rich leadership in tech, consumer packaged goods and healthcare; spanning start-ups to growth companies to billion dollar brands, to navigate how to craft your Best Day, manifest your mantra, and then learn a few feel-good prompts that you will actually want to incorporate into your day to make it all happen.


It's Satya. The Sanskrit word for truth. As in all things Sanskrit, the real definition is rich with subtext, meaning, and touches on virtue. As in being truthful in one's thought, speech and action. When put into practice, Satya is at the heart of working your best life. Doing good with good people.

Whether you own a thriving business, work on someone else's business, or are starting a business from scratch, life is too short not to know, own, and speak your truth.


Erin's career as an entrepreneur begin in 2005, when she co-founded Red Stamp, a correspondence platform on a mission to make relationships stronger, one tweet/test/post/card at a time. With over 2 million users and 10 million cards sent, Red Stamp was best known for its award-winning app and was acquired in 2013 by Taylor Corporation, one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. She served as CEO until 2016.

Erin's next big entrepreneurial adventure was to help launch the award-winning Bright Health, where as Chief Marketing Officer she collaborated with health insurance veterans to craft a people-first mission, vision and values within the health insurance landscape to drive top recruitment of any new health plan in the marketplace.

Currently, you'll find Erin crafting culinary-first experiences that effortlessly connect locals to the best of what is available in their growing region as Chief Marketing Officer for Local Crate.

Full consumer work includes award-winning brand management at General Mills and Kaplan. Erin received her MBA in Marketing + Operations from Indiana University Kelley School of Business, a BA in Journalism from Drake University, and earned a Certificate of French Studies from the Université Paris at Sorbonne.

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