Retail Storytelling


Retail Storytelling / 2.14.19

Moderated by Jerrod Sumner with Kristofer Bowman of Upstate MN and Chip Addington of Addington Company

This panel is Retail Storytelling for the Modern Shopper. There is no one better to lead this dynamic conversation than Jerrod Sumner of Brandtabulous - expert brand storyteller, editor and stylist, as well as the Creative Director of Rose & Loon with experience in curating local makers for West Elm. With his genuine appreciation for the maker, coupled with understanding the value of the story beyond the label and logo, Jerrod is changing how we experience retail in the Twin Cities.

Kristofer Bowman of UpState MN and Show and Tell, with his brick and mortar storefronts that focus on connecting people while sharing the stories of artists, designers and makers – and Chip Addington of Addington Company, whose love of nature and the outdoors fueled his passion for hand crafting the most beautiful high-quality gear and bags, make for a compelling exchange with Jerrod as they share perspective on the changing retail landscape as an editor, a maker and a shopkeeper. 


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