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Jesse and Alta Keller bring an exciting twist to the traditional coffee shop. They bring their favorite espresso, cold brew and pour overs, on the go! Coffee Cart brings the experience and culture of hand crafted coffee to events in the Twin Cities and Nashville. Continue on to find out how they brew their favorite coffee anywhere and everywhere!


Can you tell us a bit about your business and how it got started?

Coffee Cart started with the dream of someday opening a coffee shop. We wanted to make a step in that direction while still being able to pursue our music careers at the same time (you can hear our band The Prams on Spotify/Apple/Itunes…anywhere you stream music) So we decided on a mobile version of all the things we love about our favorite Minneapolis shops – locally roasted coffee, a beautiful cozy aesthetic, kind baristas and a quality unique menu with seasonally inspired drinks. We put together a design, reached out to local roasters and started to get our name out there. We love that we get to offer delicious coffee drinks at all kinds of events around MN – bringing coffee to places that don’t normally have an espresso bar is such a fun way to make people’s day! We now have a second location in Nashville, TN as well.

LAB is founded on three key values: connect, create and collaborate. What are your three values?

Quality, kindness, experience.

Serving quality drinks made with care, offering our services with the kindest spirit, creating an experience that is memorable, enjoyable and warm for our clients.

How do you think living in the Twin Cities has shaped you?

The collaboration and community of small business owners and artists is amazing in the Twin Cities. It has absolutely pushed us to be more creative, pursue our passions and value the art, collaboration and wisdom of other artists.

What is one of the most pivotal decisions you have made for your business?

We opened a second location in Nashville, TN – followed by a move for us to Nashville. So we set up our business in Minneapolis to run with an incredible team of baristas and we manage our new location in Nashville. Learning how to be multi-site has been challenging and rewarding.

How and where do you see growth for your business?

We are continually adding to our team of baristas and refining the way we do things. Learning to adapt to two different city locations and manage a team well while caring for our company as our “business – baby” is definitely an area of growth we’ve been navigating over the last year.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting a business, what would it be?

Go for it. You will never know how to do everything from the very beginning, but you can figure it out as you go.  Give yourself grace to fail and work hard to see your ideas succeed. Value the wisdom of others who have gone before you, ask questions, but don’t copy anyone exactly – let your idea be unique to you.

When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be?


If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Making music (we do both haha)

Favorite place to meet/collaborate in the Twin Cities.  

Parallel Coffee or Dogwood Coffee

Dream Collaboration:



What I am Reading: The Sacred Slow

What I am Wearing: Parc Boutique

Favorite Word: rest (something we aren’t doing much of right now haha)

Believes In: building a great team around you

Yes Please: oat milk

No Thanks:  competition vs. community

Embraces: the ebb & flow of busy seasons in life and business