Build a Path Forward: Going Beyond Being the Best to Being the ONLY


Build a Path Forward: Going Beyond Being the Best to Being the ONLY 7/11/19

Moderated by Nate Garvis of Studio/E with Anne Spaeth (The Lynhall), Kelly Groehler (Alice Riot), and Mike Duggan (Phillips Distilling

You can produce products and services that are commodities and enjoy the race to be the cheapest. You can also produce things that are differentiated and are the best in your marketplace, but there’s an even better place out there: the arena where you are an “only”. Come hear what it takes to not only meet the functional needs of your customers, but to also deeply connect with their emotional needs. Learn some of the ways of “how to be” as well as “what to do” on the entrepreneurial journey ahead.

Navigating this relevant topic is the co-founder of Studio/E, Nate Garvis, an expert in exploratory leadership – the art of motivating people to effectively travel into the unknown to discover more possibility. Nate believes in the power of institutional energy to build vibrant, prosperous communities and has spent his years having people together with that goal in mind.

Bringing his dynamic energy and thought-provoking inquiry the LAB Talks conversation, Nate will explore perspectives with the curated panel we are honored to host this month:

  • Anne Spaeth, Founder of The Lynhall. A market-inspired restaurant, event space, kitchen television studio and incubator kitchen in Minneapolis.

  • Kelly Groehler, CEO of Alice Riot. Where fashion-inspired collections showcase the works of contemporary female artists on classic silhouettes in an inclusive size range and limited-edition prints.

  • Mike Duggan, CEO of Phillips Distilling. Spanning five generations and hundreds of products, the Phillips family has been crating spirits with the highest-quality ingredients becoming one of the most innovative and enduring distilled spirits companies in America