Using Your Skills To Build A Better World


Using Your Skills To Build A Better World 6/13/19

Moderated by Sarah Edwards of I AM Sarah Edwards with Tracy Nielson of HandsOn Twin Cities, Meghan Faricy of 3M and Jane Graupman of International Institute of Minnesota

The resources of nonprofits across the nation are being stretched like never before. In order to not only maintain current levels of service, but also to increase their capacity to meet the growing challenges, nonprofits must access a variety of skills and expertise that may not be available within the organizations themselves. At the same time, the corporate sector is beginning to recognize that it can create a greater impact on critical social issues by offering its own best resource – its professional expertise.

 At the intersection of the challenges to be met and the expert human resources to meet those challenges is skills-based volunteering. This innovative approach takes advantage of individuals’ skills and experience to help service organizations build and sustain their capacity to bring real solutions to our most pressing social problems.

There is no one better to lead this dynamic conversation than the connector of all connectors – Sarah Edwards. Not only is she passionate and talented in creating platforms and events celebrating innovation and uniqueness; Sarah is the ultimate ambassador for kindness.

Sarah will navigate a conversation with Meghan Faricy from 3M about the way that they are facilitating and connecting employees to skills-based volunteerism, along with Jane Graupman from the International Institute of Minnesota about the way they have been utilizing skills-based volunteers, and Tracy Nielson from HandsOn Twin Cities, who is working at the intersection as a connector between companies and nonprofits to assist both sides in building effective skills-based volunteer opportunities. 

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