The Magic in the Middle, Small Business Hub Models & Community


The Magic in the Middle: Small Business Hub Models & Community 5/09/19

Moderated by Mary Quinn McCallum of Field Guide, Inc. with Christine Hoffman of Twin Cities Flower Exchange and Foxglove Market and Rhys Williams of The Good Acre.

There is no one better to lead this dynamic conversation than Mary Quinn McCallum of Field Guide, Inc. - with a background in food, events, and having worked as a producer at a few ad agencies in town, Mary was looking for a way to combine the things she really cared about with her skill set, and that’s how Field Guide was born. Field Guide is a communications and public relations consultancy founded with the express purpose of working with forward-thinking organizations, those focused on community and those that have a social or sustainable component to their mission. Making good better, Mary has been instrumental in creating opportunities and elevating messaging for the likes of Keg and CaseChowgirls and Bartmann Group to name a few.

As the Twin Cities first exclusively local and chemical-free florist, Christine Hoffman of Twin Cities Flower Exchange and Foxglove Market has made her mark in our community by channeling her energy to create a strong and mindful Midwest floral economy. With her passion to promote sustainable alternatives and provide support for our local floral community as a slow flower advocate, Christine understands the power of collaboration and community. Her dedication to leading the Slow Flowers movement in Minnesota has positioned Christine as the premier local flower advocate.

Rhys Williams of The Good Acre understands what it takes to grow and distribute local food because he has worked in almost every aspect of the food system. With over 20 years as an organic farmer and almost a decade working as a wholesale buyer for Twin Cities based Co-Op Partners, a certified organic produce wholesaler, he is able to offer support to our growers from seed to sale. Rhys believes that giving a voice to and creating market opportunities for independent, minority, and immigrant farmers is key to strengthening the Twin Cities food system. As Executive Director of The Good Acre he has overseen the development of programs that embody our mission of connecting and strengthening farmers, food makers, and communities through good food.

Collectively, Mary, Christine and Rhys will share perspective on the magic in the middle and how a hub model can support small business and create community. They will discuss the benefits and challenges of building a hub, how do we create a balance between profit and scale vs. values and community as well as which industries could this model support. Join the conversation as it relates to crossover into other entrepreneurial workspaces, and how can it foster sincere connection in the world of gig economies and social media. 

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