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Meghan Joy Yancy is a mom of six children and a social media influencer. She home schools her kids while being influencer for Young Living Essential Oils. Meghan believes in changing the course of your life for the better, and making a difference in others lives.


Can you tell us a bit about your business and how you got your start?

It all began because I was writing my book. I was sending in my book proposal to literary agents and multiple agents told me that in this day and age, it doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are, it only only matters if you have a platform to market it to. So, I stopped writing my book and started building my platform, specifically on Instagram. About 2 years had passed and I have grown my following quite substantially and my husband told me one day, “Well, you can probably start writing your book now.”

How do you think living in the Twin Cities has shaped your style? If so, how?

All the Minnesota love. I have lived here my entire life and it’s such an incredible state. I definitely have that passive aggressive stereotype that most of Minnesotans have. I sugar coat everything but I’m working on being more direct and straightforward. Being here my whole life has very much so helped shape how I am and how I share and interact with those around me. Minnesotans are hardcore.

How and where do you see growth for your business?

All around me. People are eager to unite and collaborate and support one another. Specifically with myself, my essential oil business is growing because people are looking for more natural and holistic remedies in life and I am giddy to help them walk that path. With my social media presence, I just want to offer hope and joy to people. And along the way, I am able to bring in some income but that extends beyond my main purpose in that space. There is growth amongst it all as I stay authentic and share valuable content and information.

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting a business, what would it be?

To be completely bold and daring and take risks. And you STILL might fail. But, you learn and you grow through the failure. Assess the situation, glean wisdom for those who are more experienced and then don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and just go for it!

LAB is founded on three key values: connect, create and collaborate. What are your three key values?

Dang! Those are some powerful words right there- I love it! For me…. purpose, passion and prayer. My faith plays a huge role in all the decisions I make so my prayer time is powerful. And I want to continually be walking in my purpose and what God has for me. And through it all, I find so much passion. It’s a pretty spectacular feeling to wake up every day and do what you love.

What is the favorite thing about your workspace?

That I designed it. I’ve always put myself in a box. Made myself think I couldn’t do “this” or couldn’t do “that.” But you know what, I’m 31 years old and the world is my oyster. I’m going to learn about photography this year, dive deeper into the home decor world and practice more water coloring and hand lettering. And who knows what else beyond that. I have created two beautiful working spaces in our home and I designed them from top to bottom and I love to retreat to them and sit down at my desks and get creative and messy.

One thing you wish you had in your office/studio…

A hammock. I used to have them up, but space was limited and something had to go.

What’s currently on your studio playlist?

95% of the time, I have United Pursuit radio playing. The other 5% of the time is oldies for dance parties with my kids.

What is your no-fail, go-to when you need inspiration or to get out of a creative rut?

Because I am a mother of 6, normally, I just need a little space and quiet to THINK. My mind and body are busy all day long and when I can have a place to escape for a little bit, turn my phone off and let my mind wander, the ideas and the creative thoughts start to seep out of me.

What are some of your everyday essentials that you can’t live without?

My Passion Planner. I write every single thing down in it. The day to day tasks and the big dreams and goals. I am a pen and paper type of gal so I have got to have that handy most times. I also have my essential oil rollerballs all around my house. Whatever room I am, I am rubbing oils all over me and infusing my body with wellness + emotional support.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Same thing I still get to do every day. Be a mom and wife. And that would have been just dandy with me. It was all I ever dreamed about, to be honest. When I was little, I wanted to be a mom. And a writer. And I’m doing both those things along with the “jobs’ that bring me income as well. I am quite literally living my dreams, and then some.

If you could be a fly on the wall of anyone’s studio/shop/office whose would it be?

Tezza. Check her out on Instagram. I get so excited to see her posts. They are wild and inspiring and creative. She holds nothing back and is always thinking outside the box. Plus, she and her husband has so many gifts and talents and go much beyond Instagram and have monetized their platform in many different ways. (Book, collage kits, Tezza app, photography, presets, etc.) I’m profoundly inspired by her work.

Dream collaboration.

Two things that come to mind immediately.

I’ve always wanted to take my family to tour Europe. Like, all of Europe. Maybe live there for like a year or something crazy. All 8 of us. So, maybe a travel company of some sort would be up for that. Kidding, kidding. Kind of.

Really though, I love writing. I love art. And photography. And i love combining the aesthetics of a visually appealing foundation with words. Whether that be a book, or an e-book or an e-course, I love creating things like that so just enjoy the possibility of joining with other creatives to make some magic.

Maybe that was just all over the place because I was supposed to answer with a particular person or place but my desire is just to get a little messy, and create some really stellar stuff with awesome people. Who’s up for it?

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

My jean jacket. It’s so cozy and I feel absolutely rad in it. It pretty much goes with anything. I bought it in the Junior section too so I feel like a kid and have a little more child-like attitude when I wear it. (Ya’ll should have seen the teenage girls staring at me when I was trying it on with my baby on my hip and all my other kids gathered around me.)

Favorite place to meet/collaborate in the Twin Cities.

Basically anywhere in Northeast Minneapolis. I am just in love with the North Loop area. I want to get to know all the nooks and crannies and meet all the people. It’s such a creative place filled with possibility. Plus, I got engaged to my husband on the StoneArch Bridge so it all just holds a special place in my heart.

Three Instagram accounts you love to see in your feed.

@arrowsandbow- i just adore Ashley. she is fun and playful. She has simple and unique home decor taste. I’m inspired with everything she does. I’ve learned a lot from her.

@gparrish- Ginger gave me hope that I can actually wear cool hats. That’s another thing i put myself in a box about…I recently got me a funky hat and I would wear it every day if I could.

@masseya + @th3littlestavenger- I got to meet both Amber and Hayley in Cincinnati last year and they were both so genuine and loving and fun. When you meet those truly authentic people in real life, it’s such a joy.


Last Adventure: 12 hour Road Trip to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum with our fam of 8.

Next Adventure: The Europe trip I talked about earlier. (*wink wink*).

By Day: Mompreneur.

By Night: Human Pacifier to my baby.

Latest Craft: Watercoloring + hand embroidery.

Secret Skill: I went to cosmetology school so I know how to cut and color hair. And can braid like a beast.


Believes in: Jesus. Always Jesus.

Embraces: Failure. It makes me better.

Yes Please: Spontaneity.

No Thanks: Numbers.

Spirit Animal: Are you talking an actual animal or a person who we feel represents us? Either way, i’m coming up blank.

Brand you can’t live without: I freakin’ love Qalo + WildBird.

Favorite word: Today.

Favorite day of the week:  Tuesday.