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Mike Duggan is proud to be apart of one of America’s oldest family-owned distilled spirits companies! Read on to learn more about how this family keeps tradition while staying on the cutting edge of trends.


Can you tell us a bit about your business and background?

Phillips Distilling Co. was started in 1912. We are one of America’s oldest family-owned, distilled spirits companies, recognized for being a leading innovator and producer of high quality, popular brands. We produce and sell UV Vodka, UVGO Spiked Selzer, Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin, Revel Stoke Flavored Whiskey, Douglas and Todd MN Bourbon, Phillips Spirits, Tomatin Scotch, Cabrito Tequila, Marca Negra Mezcal, La Hechicera Rum.

How do you think living in the Twin Cities has shaped your business?

As one of Minnesota’s great family owned businesses, our history has been molded and shaped from its Minnesota roots. The Phillips brand is a Minnesota staple in any tavern, bar or retailer. Our history of “first to market” innovation, has been driven by MN’s climate (Phillips Schnapps and Douglas and Todd Bourbon), its land (Prairie Organic Spirits) and its creativity (Belvedere, Chopin, Revel Stoke Whiskey and UV Vodka).

If you had one piece of advice for someone starting a business, what would it be?

Lean into the people, companies and the culture of those around you for their partnership, mentorship and talent. There is SO MUCH talent and experience in and around this/your area…look local first! You will be embraced and supported as you bring your idea to reality!

LAB is founded on three key values: connect, create and collaborate. What are your three key values?

Curiosity, passion and connection.

What are some of your everyday essentials that you can’t live without?

My family, my team and my competitors.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

Coaching kids

Dream collaboration.

Working with Minnesota’s bartenders to collaborate and create the next great innovation in our space.

Favorite place to meet/collaborate in the Twin Cities.

We have some great social spaces, eateries and taverns all around MSP. Some favorites…Edina Grille, Umbra (Canopy), Our Kitchen, Harriet Brassierie, Jimmys, The Lynhall, Lurcat, The Hewing, Good Day Café and my firepit! I can go on….

What’s currently binge watching or listening to?

Unfinished Biz Podcast

Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List

Any 4 seasoned entrepreneurs who have decided to start a new venture together…and then I would have Nate Garvis facilitate (of course).

Instagram accounts you love to see in your feed.




EXTRA CREDIT - #prairieorganicspirits


Last Adventure: Italy with the family

Next Adventure: “Supporting” my daughter as she chooses a college

Voted Most Likely To: Ask more questions…

Secret Skill: I’ll answer…but it wouldn’t then be a secret? I was a drummer in my past life…now, only in my basement…

Yes Please: Doing anything fun with my 2 daughters and my wife

No Thanks: Wearing a tie in the summer, flying without “precheck”

Spirit Animal: Whale

Brand you can’t live without: Prairie Organic Spirits