Mindset LAB

Do you sometimes feel like your day is just a series of tasks that need to be checked off the list? Are you always rushing to get things “off your plate” and there’s simply never enough time? Are you overloaded with emails, texts and social media?

If this sounds familiar…it’s time to make time for Mindset LAB. In this unique LAB, Writer, Social Media expert & Motivational Speaker, Doug Marshall will guide through shifting your mindset so you can create more balance and experience more joy in your daily life.

Mindset LAB will awaken you to the awareness of your current mindset and how it’s not serving you.



• Look at areas in your life where you feel stuck or would like to see a shift

• Doug will help you identify thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that keep you blocked and teach you some of his favorite tips

• Learn breathing exercises and meditations (perfect for beginners) to bust through them. These exercises are guaranteed to work and they only take 30 seconds to a few minutes to do!

• Receive a workbook to use during the workshop and apply these new tips and tools on an ongoing basis to improve your daily mindset

As you begin to actively shift your mindset, time will expand, possibilities will open up for you and you’ll find pleasure in the things that felt mundane. You will feel empowered to share your joy and positive mindset with others. Those around you will benefit from this because they get more of you! It only takes tiny shifts in perception to produce radical results. You will leave this workshop with tools that you can put into practice in all areas of your life to live more vibrantly each day.



Doug is entertaining and fun, doesn’t take himself too seriously and his passion for simple self-help for the busy modern day skeptics will inspire you to be more mindful throughout the day.

What qualifies Doug as an expert for this LAB is that he used to be overly anxious, always late, and never seemed to feel enough while running around New York city trying to make life and his career work. One day he realized nothing was working and he needed a change. He found his way to people and workshops that taught him tools to reshape his mindset that he put into practice. They have transformed his life, he’s living more joyfully (as long as he keeps actively using the tools) and he is passionate about sharing them with anyone who cares to listen. If you’re feeling drawn to the idea of this, it’s for you!

Doug Marshall is a lifestyle writer, TV personality, social media brand consultant and motivational speaker. He has launched social media campaigns for many globally recognized brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Ellen DeGeneres' lifestyle line. In addition to writing for his blog theworldofdoug.com he is a celebrity entertainment reporter and lifestyle writer and has contributed to Minneapolis/St. Paul Mag, NY Daily News, NY Post, Vogue Italia and The Hollywood Reporter. He regularly does lifestyle segments on TV talk shows. Beyond writing and social media, Doug is a Mindset Coach and self-care expert, often writing articles and giving motivational talks on how he got his sh*t together through self-help practices, meditation, mindfulness and organization. He shares his story and his tools to inspire others to take action in their lives to live more vibrantly! Doug transplanted to Minneapolis, MN from New York City 3 years ago with his husband and their beagle. Keep up with him on his Instagram @theworldofdoug.

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