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Productivity LAB

The Ideal Trifecta for busy working professionals: having enough Time, Energy and Money. We are connected to our devices 24/7 so it feels nearly impossible to take control of our busy schedules, energy levels and finances. In this workshop Kathy will teach you simple, practical ways to get extra time in your schedule, money in your pocket and the energy to do the things you really want to do this summer! (and all year round for that matter).



  • How to take control of your schedule and gain at least 1 hour a day

  • How to accurately gauge how much time you spend on tasks (we often over or underestimate the time it takes to do something)

  • How to rid your schedule of interruptions and time sucking activities

  • How to successfully make time for activities you really want to do this summer (and all year round)


  • How to boost your productivity and make more money

  • How to positively impact how much you make, earn and profit

  • How to identify your own best practices for spending, saving and earning money


  • How to identify and minimize disruptions, interruptions and frustrations at work

  • How to work more effectively with less mental frustration

  • How to rid your brain of self defeating or negative mindset

  • How to increase your energy for work projects

You will leave this workshop with practical tips and a customized strategy for taking control and making positive impacts to your schedule, energy level and financial outlook.

*Light bites will be served.




Backpocket Strategy is owned by Kathy Hanson, MBA and Business Strategist, Negotiation Coach and Public Speaker. Kathy has worked with entrepreneurs, business owners and Fortune 100 companies all over the country to increase their profitability. Kathy has worked with both corporate and individual clients to successfully negotiate contracts, compensation packages and legal agreements for over 25 years. Armed with expertise and contagious enthusiasm for empowering busy professionals to work more effectively and with less conflict, Kathy is the Business Strategist you need to have in your back pocket.


6:30PM — 9PM