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Prop Styling LAB

Prop Styling LAB is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on workshop that will lead you through creating styled visual content, bringing your brand to life - all with your phone! We will walk you through our step-by-step process used to create compelling styled images - from the initial creative concept to composition to shooting to editing.

With access to LAB’s coveted prop closet, you will practice styling with intention through demonstration and interactive experience. You will learn to strengthen your design eye and personal aesthetic with immediate feedback from the LAB Team.

You will leave with the fundamentals of styling, shooting, editing along with a little LAB magic so you can control and create the visuals you have always dreamed of. We are confident that the end results will be absolutely “instagrammable” and Pin-worthy!  


  • Finding Inspiration + Creating a Vision

  • Choosing Props + Backdrops

  • Fundamentals of Styling

  • Mastering the ever-popular flat lay

  • Framing + Composition for different channels and use

  • Explore different perspectives for shooting images with your phone

  • Editing tips + mobile apps using your phone

  • Insight into LAB resources, process...and the secret sauce!



Jessica brings her multitude of skills, keen eye for design, attention to detail, passion for authentic connections and drive to grow brands. As co-owner of LAB, Jessica wears many hats. One that she is most proud of is establishing LAB’s social media presence through styled imagery combined with a strategic and authentic approach. In addition, she works as a digital strategist developing social media strategy, content planning, influencer marketing and creative direction. Her experience and client list ranges from small business to agency to corporate.


A hefty portfolio of experience including corporate marketing, product development, blogging and tastemaker…As a director of styled shoots for national and local brands, Heather has a natural eye for fresh visual storytelling. Part of the LAB team since 2016, she has become part of The Collective’s secret sauce. Heather has also been a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker for the past 3 years. Her contagious energy, love for big ideas and passion for helping others elevate their game come together to make this Pinterest-junkie the other half of the Styling + Editing LAB instructor duo.

Upcoming Dates



10:30AM — 1PM