SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a vital component of inbound marketing. It's vital for businesses to appear on the front page of search result rankings to generate business and for brand exposure. Hipreneur’s LAB SEO Workshop is designed to give you specific steps you can take to optimize your website.


  • How Google works

  • How to discover how your prospects search for your services online

  • How to “audit” your competitor’s websites

  • How to identify areas in your industry with massive opportunity

  • On-page best practices

  • Site design and architecture

  • SEO best practices for Blogging

You will leave this workshop understanding best practices to help you rank higher online.




Hipreneur is owned and operated by Elliot Saltzman. Elliot understands how to generate new business and is an expert in sales. As a college student, Elliot made over $50,000 in 10 weeks selling door-to-door for a summer job. At 22, he was appointed VP of Sales & Marketing for a startup construction company and grew sales to 2.2 million in the first 9 months. During his time in sales, he quickly became passionate about studying different tactics and strategies companies use to acquire new business. Over the past 6 years, Elliot has connected with over 2,000 small business owners and has learned the best ways to getting the “phone to ring,” as well as the common mistakes small businesses make “burning money” on non-revenue producing tactics. Elliot is passionate about speaking and training on business growth and in 2012, wrote a book called “How to become a Million Dollar Speaker” which has recently been seen in Success Magazine. 

 Upcoming Dates



6:30PM - 9PM


A perfect follow up to SEO LAB 1.0, we’ll dive even deeper into Search Engine Optimization. Hipreneur will teach how to implement SEO, share with you the best online tools for establishing your customized keywords, and touch on the importance of image optimization. You’ll learn additional strategies and tactics so that soon, your website will stand apart from your competitors and your desired customers or clients will FINALLY find you online.

What attendees are saying...

"SEO LAB was the first workshops I've ever attended at LAB for Business. I left the workshop with a can-do attitude and the feeling that it was the best 95 bucks I've ever spent. Elliot was a superb teacher/facilitator. He brought much wisdom, many relevant analogies, measurable value and a great sense of humor to his teaching. I cannot wait to put what I've learned into action and I am so excited about discovering this Twin Cities gem that LAB for Business is–I immediately signed up for the upcoming Instagram LAB when I got home from SEO."



"The SEO Lab with Hipreneur was amazing for beginners learning the SEO space. Elliot was engaging and broke down SEO Into manageable parts and actionable steps. This was my first lab and I will definitely be coming back!"



"I didn’t go to business school (hello, music major). So far, I’ve relied on intuition and trial and error in all endeavors. I’m not necessarily proud of that so I am making a concerted effort to educate myself in 2018 and @lab_business is making it not only painless, but really captivating and actually fun! I recently took the SEO LAB with @hipreneur and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Honestly I’m tempted to go back and do it over again to listen differently and ask better questions."



"Before I attended this Lab session, I really didn't know what SEO was or how to implement it. But afterwards, I have the understanding to amplify my website and really hold my own in meetings when it comes to this topic. A great resource that everyone in the Twin Cities should take advantage of!"



"Elliot was great--fun and knowledgeable. I have definite action points after the LAB with concrete steps to improve our SEO. Thanks!"